• 100% water proof. More that 90% Heat Resistance.
  • Reduce the roof surface temperature upto 8c, there by reducing the heat transferred by building roof. This helps in roof weight and electricity cost.
  • Increase Indoor complete in Summer. Can easily bear good foot traffic.
  • UV rays resistant for outstanding durability.
  • No crack. No need Polish.
  • Ensures significant dead load reduction when compared to traditional tiles.
  • Can be fixed to any type of Roof concrete
  • Labour, time and cost effective compare with traditional tile laying method .
  • Eco friendly, 100% Natural. The cool solution for global warming.
  • Most economic one time application save cost for life time.
  • Laying of other tiles, required 7.5” of cement mixture where as, the laying Freezing tiles, requires 2.5” of cement mixture only. From this, costing gets reduced and cement mixture also reduce simultaneously.